Aquaria and Zoos

Submertec have developed a range of underwater camera systems for hostile environments such as offshore inspection and aquaculture that are also suitable for use in Aquariums and Zoos. We have taken particular care to modify materials that parts are machined from to eliminate corrosion or toxicity for sensitive organisms such as corals.

NEW The HD-CZ Underwater camera - 1080p HD video even over long cables.

NEW The SSB-HDZ Super Spyball with 1080p HD video, easy to set up / down limits and many new features.

The Spyball underwater Pan & Tilt cameras were originally developed for Aquaculture but more sophisticated versions such as the Colour Zoom SB-CZ Spyball are now widely used in aquaria and controlled by the visitors using an SCFM-A control unit. These have also been used partially submerged in ponds etc at wildlife centres and zoos. For information about other Spyball versions, Controllers, Cables and Accessories please take a look at Spyball Pan & Tilt Cameras in the Products section.

We have also developed some products for specific use such as the BATRAY Spherical Aquarium Camera for use with particularly delicate species such as Bat Rays.

The Hand Held Camera HH-AF1 together with its optional Deployment pole HH-DEP1 were developed for use during presentations at rock pool exhibits, touch pools and ponds so that extreme close up views of the inhabitants can be shown to the visitors without having to lift them from the water.

For those exhibits that require exceptional picture quality we can offer the HD-DVI colour camera with 1080 HD output.

Our new Titanium UVL-3 Ultra Bright LED Underwater Light has a light output equivalent to a 250 Watt of Halogen light and will help produce a bright and colourful display.

Please browse our website to see what other items may be of interest for your exhibits. We would be happy to discuss your requirements if you see something that catches your imagination and it may be possible to develop or adapt a new product for your purposes.

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