UVL-3 Ultra Bright LED Underwater Light

UVL-3 Ultra Bright LED Underwater Light


  • Equivalent to 250 Watts Halogen Light

  • Temperature Controlled for Safety

  • Run from Current or Voltage Control

  • Titanium Housing

This new underwater video light has been developed using the latest high power LEDs in conjunction with built in electronics to protect the lamp against over-current, over-temperature and reverse polarity. Light output, measured at the subject is equivalent to approx 250 Watts of Halogen light. Automatic current control circuits limit the external temperature to below 60 Degrees C for the safety of operating personnel making it ideal for inspection tasks above water or in splash zones. Although optimised for use with a current control circuit at up to 2 Amps the UVL-3 will also operate from a 24 volt Halogen lamp controller and dimming works effectively using current or voltage control. The UVL-3 is a perfect complement to Submertec Seaspy underwater video systems by providing the wide and even illumination that is required for professional inspection work. Machined from solid Titanium, this light is resistant to corrosion even during long term immersion in sea water and can withstand the constant abrasion and impacts that are part of daily life in the underwater industry. Although designed primarily for use where space is at a premium such as divers helmets, the versatility of this light allows it to be used in applications as diverse as architectural fountain displays, public aquariums and submarine auxiliary lighting. UVL-3 lights can be supplied with RMG-3M connector on a tail, MCBH-3M or Cable moulded to Light. Alternatives on request. Directly Interchangeable with UVL-2 Halogen lights on Submertec video systems to give reduced power consumption, increased light output and longer umbilical capability! These lights can be integrated with existing or new DMX systems using low cost DMX Decoders.  


Diameter 55mm (2.16 inches) maximum, 25mm (0.98 inches) body
Overall length 94mm (3.7 inches) excluding connector
Weight (excl connector) 0.24Kg (0.53lb) in air
Depth Rating 300 Metres (984 feet)
Material Titanium
Beam Angle 90 degrees for video with more than 120 degrees peripheral
Power Supply Recommend 0 - 2 Amp current control or 18-24 volts DC (max 30volts)
Light Output at 2 Amps 1250 Lux @ 1 Metre. Colour Temp 5000 - 8300 deg K



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