ROVs and Submersibles

Submertec started development of instruments and cameras for tourist submersibles in 1989 and can now offer a range of equipment suitable for many types of submersible and ROV.

NEW - HD-CZ Colour HD Camera which is designed for permanent immersion in seawater and brings 1080p HD video to your customers.

NEW - HD-FC Camera with wide angle lens and 1080p HD video.

Our Ballast Contents Measuring system was designed to allow the pilot to monitor the contents of seawater ballast tanks and this has recently been updated with all new circuit boards. The probes are now available in different sizes and with alternative mounting arrangements to suit internal and external tank configurations.

Submarine Alarms and Battery Monitoring including automatic ground fault scanning has been provided by circuits developed by Submertec.

The Submarine Video System is used to provide underwater pictures for the passengers of tourist submersibles and allows the pilot to select from one of four external cameras or a recorder input for display to the passengers. The cameras are a bronze version of our ECC-2 colour camera.

Spyball Pan and Tilt Cameras have also been used on submersibles and ROVs to give greater flexibility than fixed cameras and offer a greatly reduced snagging risk compared to conventional pan and tilt units with cameras attached. The Spyball Model SB-CZ can be used when vehicle or ambient lighting is adequate or the Spyball Model SB-CI may be more appropriate where the built in LED lights can inspect in areas that are not covered by the vehicle lights.

The full range of Spyball cameras, Controllers and accessories can be seen at Spyball Pan & Tilt Cameras in the products section.

Underwater lighting can be provided by  UVL-3 Ultra Bright LED Video Lights where small and effective directional lighting is required for video purposes or the powerful UFL-150MH underwater floodlight with its highly efficient Metal Halide lamp can illuminate a very wide area with pure white light to enhance the colours of fish and corals etc.

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