Submertec Hire Equipment

We have a limited range of equipment that is available for hire and the actual equipment may vary from time to time. The equipment listed is not necessarily everything we can offer but indicates the most likely items.

Hire is generally on a daily rate from leaving Submertec to arriving back and with shipping in each direction charged to the customer who is free to collect or return if preferred. Where appropriate we may vary these rates in favour of the customer at our discretion.

We ask that the customer signs to accept liability for loss or damage to the equipment while on hire.

Here’s a list of some of the equipment available for hire:

Super Spyball Inspection Systems

Super Spyball Model SSB-CI Super Spyball Model SSB-CI
Super Spyball Control Unit Model SS-CPI Super Spyball Control Unit Model SS-CPI

Spyball Inspection Systems

Spyball Model SBCI Spyball Model SBCI
Controller Model SCPI-B Controller Model SCPI-B

Seaspy Diver Video Systems

Seaspy Model SSE Seaspy Model SSE
DHC-5 Camera DHC-5 Camera
UVL-3 LED light UVL-3 LED light

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