Digi Depth Meter

An easy to use and rugged digital depth measuring system consisting of a high accuracy pressure probe, underwater cable and hand held battery operated display unit which is ideal for operation from small boats, pontoons, docks etc.

The probe is supplied with a tough Polyurethane underwater cable which is small enough to be combined with a divers umbilical or deployed separately as required.

During operation, the probe depth is displayed continuously on the surface control unit in metres and centimetres.

All parts of the pressure probe which are in contact with water are manufactured from Acetal plastic or Ceramic which totally eliminates corrosion even after prolonged immersion in seawater.

The unit can operate from its own internal battery for up to 8 hours or an external 12 to 24 volt DC supply which also re-charges the battery.

A Zero control is provided to compensate for changes in barometric pressure and ensure accuracy during operation.  




Diameter 120 by 210 by 82 mm / 1.15 Kg
Ext Supply / Recharge 12 to 24 volts DC
Internal battery Up to 8 hours operation
Water resistance Control unit is splash proof



Diameter/Weight 8 mm / 7 Kg per 100m in air / 1.9 Kg per 100m in seawater



Dimensions Max diameter 30 mm / overall length 217 mm
Linearity 0.25% FSD max
Hysteresis typically 0.15% FSD

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