Multi Digi Depth Meter

An easy to use and rugged digital depth measuring system consisting of high accuracy pressure probes, underwater cables and a desktop display unit with triple digital displays.

This system is ideal for simultaneous monitoring of depth at up to 3 points during deployment of equipment subsea from small boats, pontoons, docks etc

During operation, the probe depth is displayed continuously on the surface control unit in metres and centimetres.

Display zero controls are provided at each display to compensate for changes in barometric pressure and ensure accuracy during operation.

The control unit can be supplied with either a single combined cable with subsea breakout to the probes or individual probe connectors as required.

The pressure probe is manufactured from marine bronze with a ceramic sensing element to resist corrosion even after prolonged immersion in seawater.

Each probe is supplied moulded to tough Polyurethane underwater cable with wet mateable underwater connector.




Dimensions 388mm wide,164mm deep &61mm high. / 1.5 Kg
Voltage 24 volts DC
Display Triple 4 digit LEDs
Controls Lockable zero control for each digit



Diameter / Weight 8 mm / 7 Kg per 100m in air / 1.9 Kg per 100m in seawater



Dimensions Max diameter 30 mm / overall length 217 mm
Accuracy 0.25% FSD max
Depth Range To order as required up to 100 metres of water.


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