Fixed Cameras & Controllers

NEW in March 2021 - Seaspy Model SS-HDI Portable Inpection Control Unit with built in 17.3" display and 1080p HD Video recorder. Operation and control of all Submertec video cameras including Super Spyballs (CVBS or HD-TVI)

This section includes all Submertec fixed cameras with their associated controllers and cables.

The Seaspy range of cameras were originally developed for use by divers but are also used in many other applications such as underwater vehicles, aquaculture, monitoring of tidal generators and subsea installations.

We also offer specialist cameras such as the spherical Batray camera and the Handheld model HH-AF1 which incorporates auto focus.

For applications that require full HD quality output we can offer the HD-SC, HD-FC or HD-CZ cameras.  

Many of these cameras are available in alternative versions or adapted to suit a customers particular application so please let us know if you cannot find the version you are looking for.  

Products in Fixed Cameras & Controllers

A short video clip taken using the Submertec Seaspy Model SSE and DHC-4 Helmet Camera can be seen below:

Video by kind permission of Subservices S.L. Las Palmas, Gran Canaria  


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