Spyball Deployment

Mounting arrangements for the Spyball and Super Spyball are identical.

The Spyball has found application in a wide range of situations and these are some of ways mounting and deploying a Spyball that you may find helpful. 

Direct on its cable - The Spyball can be deployed directly on its cable and lowered into the area where observation is required. - this method is quick and simple.

In this situation all loads are directly on the machined plastic (Acetal copolymer) connector locking rings. Care should be taken to avoid snagging the Spyball or subjecting it to forces that might break the connection and lose the Spyball.

When using the Spyball directly on its cable, it will be found that panning will cause the camera to swing due to reaction against the cable. This effect can be reduced in water, by fitting an SM-07 Finned Stabiliser.

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