Model SS-CPE Pelco Interface Unit

Model SS-CPE Interface Unit provides control of any Super Spyball version or HD-CZ camera from a standard Pelco control system via RS485.

The unit can be configured to operate from a simple desktop controller or large multi camera system.

A Submertec interface board inside the box provides baud rate conversion between control input and camera output to allow operation from a wide range of controllers. It also provides an identification number for use in multi camera systems.

Baud rate and camera identification number can easily be changed if required using clearly marked rotary switches inside the box.

Pelco controller joystick, focus, zoom and iris all operate directly from most controllers.

Additional functions such as “Goto” are also available using the “Call” (Shot) commands.

A range of special non-standard functions are available through the unit and these include a wide range of camera features such as shutter speed, colour balance, mirror, WDR, text overlay, save settings, restore settings etc.

When used with the Super Spyball these functions also include LEDs on,  Brightness, Pan & Tilt Limits, and control direction reverse.

The HD-TVI video signal from the camera is available for connection at a BNC connector on the end of the box together with an HDMI output from a converter which is mounted inside the box.

Optionally, the unit can be supplied with a VGA converter in place of the HDMI.


Dimensions 223mm x 147mm x 53mm (8.8" x 5.8" x 2")
Baud Rate Selectable between 2400 and 256000
Camera Ident Selectable between 1 and 255
Video Output HD-TVI and HDMI (when used with HD Super Spyball.
Output Options HDMI as standard or VGA as an option.
Control RS485 from standard Pelco D Controller
Power Supply 100 to 240 VAC / 2A (24v option on request)


Typical off the shelf Pelco Controller Typical off the shelf Pelco Controller

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