DISCONTINUED - UFL-150MH Metal Halide Floodlight (External Ballast)

Initially manufactured for use on submersibles, these very efficient lights provide extremely bright, even illumination over a wide area and are ideal for a wide range of applications.

An Aluminium Bronze version is available for long term, corrosion free installation into Marine Aquaria, docks etc.

Lights can be supplied with bulkhead underwater connectors fitted or cables moulded directly to a right angle penetrator.

Use of Wet Mateable connectors ensures that the cable can be disconnected and reconnected underwater to allow the light can be recovered to the surface for re-lamping when required.

Underwater cables up to 20 Metres long can be supplied for connection to the surface mounted ballast unit.

The lights can be supplied with traditional wound ballasts or with the latest Electronic Ballasts for operation from a variety of power sources including 120 Volts DC, 120 Volts AC and 240 Volts AC.  



Diameter 160 mm
Overall length 157mm incl connector, 128mm excl connector
Weight 1.6Kg (3.5lb)
Depth Rating 310 Metre (1017 feet)
Material Stainless Steel or Aluminium Bronze
Beam Angle 138 degrees
Lamp type Osram or Radium HQI T 150
Ballast type External ballast required

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