This camera has been designed for long term immersion in water to depths of up to 500 metres.

The camera sends a crystal clear HD video signal at 1080p over cables in excess of 200 metres long.

A 10 x optical zoom lens with an additional 30 x digital zoom can be used to frame the ideal picture. Focus can be set to automatic or manual.

A small control and Interface box at the surface end of the underwater cable provides control of the camera functions and conversion to other video formats if required.

Control buttons can be provided to adjust the zoom and focus settings with a save to memory button that will ensure that the same settings are preset next time the camera is powered up. Other camera options such as on screen text may be available on request. (Camera ident, location etc)

Alternatively, a Pelco interface box model SS-CPE can be supplied to allow integration with standard Pelco control units. 

An HD-TVI video signal is sent through the underwater cable to the surface Interface box for connection to recorders or monitors as required. A video converter can be fitted in the box to provide alternative HD formats such as HD-SDI, HDMI or VGA as required. Conversion to broadcast frame rates is also available.

The pressure housing is fitted with a scratch resistant window and the metallic parts are machined from solid Titanium to eliminate corrosion even when permanently immersed in seawater.

A number of different underwater connectors or penetrators can be fitted to suit the application.The camera can be supplied with underwater cable moulded directly to a straight or right angled penetrator if disconnection at the camera is not required. Underwater connectors require at least six pins for connection of power, control and video.




Dimensions  62mm dia x 103 mm long (2.7=5 x 4.0 in)
Depth Rating 500 metres (1640ft)
Weight 630gm in air / 410gm in water (1.3lb/0.9lb)
Min Light 0.5 Lux
Lens  10x optical Zoom / up to 32x digital zoom
HD Video HD-TVI 720p @ 50 / 60 fps or 1080p @ 25 / 30fps
Broadcast Option Frame rate conversion to broadcast frame rates
Video Option HD-SDI, HDMI or VGA via converter



Mini Wet Mateable underwater connector Mini Wet Mateable underwater connector
Wet mateable underwater connector Wet mateable underwater connector
Right Angle Penetrator to Wet Mateable Connector Right Angle Penetrator to Wet Mateable Connector


SS-CPE Pelco Controller Interface Unit SS-CPE Pelco Controller Interface Unit
HD Zoom Control Unit HD Zoom Control Unit

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